Chapter 8.2 - Improvements

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Improvements since Submission 2015

The following changes were introduced since the 2015 annual submission:
(R= as follow-up of the review process)

Over-all inventory / all source categories:

  • Included level key sources for base year
  • Add trend description for years before 1990
  • Improve consistency in notation key use

Individual source categories:

  • NFR 3: further improvements as described under chapter recalculations.
  • NFR 1.A.3.b v: Correction of AD for 1994 R (CLRTAP Stage 2)

Planned for future submissions

Possible improvement issues that have been identified so far and will be checked in the future are given below:

Over-all inventory / all source categories:

Individual source categories:
(R= as follow-up of the review process)

stationary combustion:

  • Revision if the reporting structure of biogas and liquid biomass (1.A.1.a)
  • Possibly measurements of POPs and heavy metal for large combustion plants (1.A.1.a)
  • Evaluation and analyse of BREF-data in order to determine or improve EF for different pollutants (1.A.1.a)
  • Improvement of EF for waste incineration plants for 1990 (1.A.1.a)
  • Revision of SO2 emission factors (1.A.1.b)
  • Further comparison of inventory data with PRTR and ETS (1.A.1.b)
  • Calculation of a complete time series for liquid biomass use (1.A.4.a i)
  • Evaluation of study results in order to revise all activity data (1.A.4.c i)
  • Calculation of a complete time series for biogas use (1.A.4.c i)

mobile combustion:

  • Implemetation of emissions due to running losses in the next TREMOD versionR
  • Examination of emission factors for heavy metal emissions from tyre and brake wear and road abrasion, possibly revision of these EF based on the EMEP/EEA guidebook 2013

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